All You Need to Know About NEW BLOC NIGHT 2022

New Bloc Hedge Fund

Summary: NEW BLOC NIGHT is the opening party of the Consensus Conference held by NEW BLOC together with CoinEx and ViaBTC, which will be held on June 8, 2022, at 18:00.

I. Event Introduction

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NEW BLOC NIGHT is the opening party of the Consensus Conference held by NEW BLOC together with CoinEx and ViaBTC, which will be held on June 8, 2022, at 18:00. This event will invite more than 20 well-known venture capitals, DApps, crypto financial service providers, and other leaders in the blockchain industry to participate in speeches and roundtables to discuss everything about the development trend of cryptocurrency, blockchain, and Web3.

II. Event Details

1. Time

June 8 Evening

6:00 PM - 11:00 PM CDT

2. Agenda

18:00 Opening

18:30 Warm-up

18:45 Opening Ceremony

19:05 NewBloc Greetings

19:20 Presentation from Summer (The founder&CEO of NewBloc.)

19:35 [Roundtable Discussion] Crypto Mining and Carbon Emissions: Trends in crypto mining

20:00 Presentation from Karmen Tang

20:15 Luck Draw

20:30 [Roundtable Discussion] Decentralization vs. centralization: How to reduce the possibility of crypto oligarchs harming users’ interests?

20:45 Luck Draw

21:00 Presentation from Guest 3

21:15 [Roundtable Discussion] Web3 is What Young People Yearn For: What are the new opportunities?

22:00 Cocktail Party: HAVE FUN

23:00 Closing

3. Location

The Otis Hotel, Austin

📍1901 San Antonio St, Austin, TX 78705

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4. Registration

!!! To receive free tickets (the original price is $20)

1. Follow the Twitter account @NewBlocOfficial and retweet the top tweet

2. Send a screenshot to telegram @Wujinyang

3. Receive the free registration link

Scan the QR code below to register:

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III. Event Guests

First Presentation Topic: “Opportunities and Challenges of Crypto Asset Management”

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Summer:Founder of New Bloc Crypto Hedge fund,master of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Copenhagen Business School, serial entrepreneur.

New Bloc was rated as one of the top ten crypto asset hedge funds in Asia, and its cumulative net value of products has won the first place in rating agencies for many times.  Summer started participating mining BTCs in 2014 and is a believer and preacher of crypto finance.

Summer is also the founder of Evolving Era, leading the  Evolving Era to obtain tens of millions of investment including Tencent VP, serving more than 6 million female customers.

Summer worked for Vermilion Partners, a British investment bank, and Tsinghua University.

Roundtable Discussion 1: "Mining and Carbon Neutral: Trends in Crypto Mining".

In the past round of bulls and bears, we have witnessed the rapid development of the crypto mining industry. Under the wave of the global carbon peak era, the mining track, investment threshold and management requirements of the mining industry, tax audit and certification compliance, cost, energy supply, demand, etc. have undergone tremendous changes. How will these factors develop and what trends will they bring to the crypto mining industry?

Jackey Lin: Founder&CEO of FlashMining.

Adam Chastain: Ambassador of Coinex & ViaBTC

Mattias Borg: Currently Director of Business Development at ZKSpace.

GaoKe: senior miner,Founder of Glorious Sky LLC

JP Baric: Founder and Chief Executive Officer of MiningStore, who are leading experts in the blockchain industry 

Dave Mei: Co-founder, Managing Partner, Head of North America of RawTech Ventures 

Second Presentation Topic: “Intro into the importance of web3 and how ACH is helping to drive adoption through its ramps solution.”

Karmen Tang: CMO of ACH-Bridging the gap between web2 and web3 - The Future of Payments.

[Luck Draw 1] Air Drop


Angela Tong: COO at Fairyproof

Roundtable Discussion 2: "Decentralization vs. Centralization: How to Improve Regulation of Crypto Oligarchs and Protect Investors?”

Inspired by the crypto spirit of freedom, universality, and transparency, decentralized evangelists have lit up the luster of the Web3 world, while centralized platforms are still indispensable in the industry for a long time, and an oligopoly has emerged. How to enhance efficiency while circumventing centralized platforms as much as possible to do evil? How to restrain human greed with technology, rules, media, law, and regulation?

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Lou Yu:Head of KuCoin Labs. She led the Testnet Operations of KuCoin Community Chain.

Robert MacCracken: Robert joined Alchemy Pay in a Communications and Business Development role, and has been actively working on the growth of Alchemy Pay’s ecosystem, with a particular focus on European operations.

Yang: Partner and co-founder of Spark Digital Capital

BUTIAN: Co-founder of Blockless; Former COO at Wabi, worked at NGC Ventures, Lightspeed; B.S. Engineering, UC Berkeley, Wharton MBA

[Luck Draw 2] Air Drop

Block Beats: News and one of the sharpest Chinese observers on Crypto, Web3.0 industry.

Roundtable Discussion 3: "What are the new opportunities in the Web 3 world that young people aspire to?

The world will always belong to young people, and the Web3 world is welcoming the passionate Generation Z. In this dynamic market that challenges the hegemony of the traditional Internet, we will pay tribute to the sincerity of the BBC's invitation to children in 1960 to paint a picture of the 21st century, and invite representatives from crypto institutions and the new generation of Generation Z to discuss the blueprint of Web3 and the opportunities brewing therein.


Nichole Zhang:  Partner of Lingfeng Innovation Fund (LIF), a Web3.0 fund based in Singapore and investing globally.


Andrea Chang: Andrea Chang is a Partner at NGC Ventures, which is one of the first and largest institutional investor in crypto since 2018 and Web3.0 metaverse-focused fund since 2021.


Dress Show: A dressing game platform based on Polygon Chain, introduces the classic gameplay in traditional dressing games into the crypto world and integrates NFT &Defifi to develop a more fair, friendly and sustainable game mechanism.

Tony: Founder of Singapore Web3 Accelerator, serial entrepreneur, web3 super node, led and participated in the establishment of many Internet/consumer goods companies. Founder of China's largest electronic music label Ran Music. now provides incubation and acceleration services for global Web3 Chinese entrepreneurs.

Neo: Chairman / CEO of Bit Engine Singapore. Founder of Metaverse Engine.

At the same time, we invited well-known organizations to provide airdrops for the active participants present.

IV. Introduction of the organizer


NEW BLOC is a BVI crypto hedge fund established in 2018 to discover the laws of financial markets through data and models.

NEW BLOC team members graduated from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Peking University, Oxford, Columbia University, UC Berkeley, and other universities, and have worked for Citadel, UBS, Citi Bank, IBM, Tencent, and other top financial and technology companies, with rich investment research experience.

NEW BLOC invests mainly in blockchain technologies and applications in the primary market and provides in-depth post-investment services including growth consulting and market making for its portfolio companies.

NEW BLOC is perennially ranked No. 1 in cumulative net worth by several quantitative hedge fund rating agencies and is ranked as one of the top 10 crypto asset managers in Asia.

NEW BLOC is also a "top market maker" and "growth advisory provider" for the top 10 crypto exchanges in the world, with peak daily trading volume exceeding "$5 billion".

Conference Partners:

Kucoin Labs, ZKS, Dress Show, NGC, Fundamental Lab, LIF, YGG Venture, META LAB,  FAIRYPROOF, GRHEAT(to be confirmed)

Media: Jinse Finance, 8BTC,BitPush, DeepChain, Cointelegraph Chinese, ChainCatcher, BlockGlobe, Bixiaobai, BlockBeats

University organization:NYUVVC, MIT CEO、Yale YVC、Michigan MVC

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